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also there are flies in my house everywhere right now and I don't know where they came from either. thanks eclipse season

despite trying to use astrological timing to order a new laptop, I did not properly acknowledge that Venus ruling the matter opposed Neptune quite directly - naturally, "something" has "gone wrong" and it's delayed and I have no idea what (Neptune, illusions, delay, sacrifice).

oooh, the moon is decently-aspected, I said! to what? Neptune. oo, Venus sextiles Jupiter, I said! and it trines... Neptune.

thanks Neptune, I'll see my package whenever it etherealizes from the ether i guess

birdsite (do we still call it that?) killed all the bots, I'm coming back to mastodon, i missed you maly.io, hello

Hi all, I know creativity.cafe has been down (so sorry!! :( ) -- the instance has run out of hard disk space for all of your lovely art. I need to get it onto S3 but haven't had a chance/won't 'til this weekend. Sit tight...

it seems like it doesn't matter what time I get home, I have to have at least two hours of wind down time. got home at 11pm? sucks for me, loser

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eating your food too fast like Ng'drsklo'cht, devourer of worlds 🙄

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a forbidden love, a cross-instance romance.. a scrappy, spirited young lad from .xyz determined to be with an heiress of .social royalty. their mods won't allow it. but they will do anything to be together.

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#newinstance #instances Hey everyone, creativity.cafe is here! It's an instance for artists and creators of any kind - painters, glitch artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, whatever! And even just enthusiasts. If you're into art-y things and want to hang with other people who are too, come join us!

It's invite-only to keep it nice and cozy, but getting an invite is easy - just DM me what handle and email you want. :)

Please give me a little boost if you're into the idea! <3

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I think one thing I will try to make a point of in the coming days is to highlight the various instances who could use help supporting their efforts financially.  I've been noticing that just a few nodes seem to get the attention in this regard.

I will post them with a short description of the instance and a link to their donations method (patreon, btc, paypal whatever) on the hashtag #buildingtheroads because I am not a clever woman.

If you want to support my little effort then please boost this :)
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I've written 'toot', a very simple command-line utility to allow Mastodon posts to be sent from the command-line: npmjs.com/package/toot

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OK Y'ALL! creativity.cafe is here! Fitting that it's a nocturnal, late-night launch... anyways, if you requested an account from me, you can reset your password with your email there. Please follow me at creativity.cafe/@way instead now :) And if you want an account, DM me!

I'll post some more official nice stuff about the server tomorrow morning when I'm not exhausted!

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Wellp, Namecheap seems to have flagged my account for "risk management", I guess because I've been buying so many ridiculous domain names. creativity.cafe will have to wait until that's resolved since I can't forward my nameservers yet :( but I've got y'all's requested usernames in a spreadsheet!

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monetizing mastodon is actually easy and good:
-make a instance
-fill with bots that act like people
-charge brands to get in
-keep it from reaching the fediverse

All right y'all! creativity.cafe will be an invite-only instance for artists whether visual, musician, craftsperson, glitch, analog, whatever. Yes, I'll be banning nazis and assholes and etc.

If you want an invite, send me your desired email and name (see screenshot for how to do a DM). I'll create an account for you once I have the instance set up. Might be a day or two looking at how to work invite-only.


OK I bought creativity.cafe. I'll set up the instance tonight instead of doing my taxes. damn all of you

PSA: artist.dog is an available domain

I think... I think I'm going to start an instance for artists, especially net/glitch artists