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Lieuwe Rooijakkers

Never called the things on here toots. They’re tweets they have always been tweets

Me, commenting on my friends selfies: holy fucking shit 😍 please make out with me until i literally die so i can be an angel and finally be in your league because omgghhhh 😍 😍 😭 😭

Me, commenting on a crush's selfie: cute 🀠

'That's not the archlinux emoji'
NOW LISTEN UP, BUDDY.. :archlinux:

I actually left my bed on time to get to university on time once, wow

programming folk: intense, long-standing feud over the technical minutiae and internal workings of the Fediverse

me (liberal arts major): when a person likes my post and the website go "bloop" it makes my brain feel good

Nothing quite compares to the feeling of watching the logs scroll by for tasks you automated

if you want to see a broke web page, go to within the next ~14 mins

Okay, I am getting questions about who Lance Ulanoff is. Time for some Mastodon history.

Exactly a year ago today, Lance Ulanoff opened his article about Mastodon with this phrase:

"William Shatner couldn't find me on Mastodon.

This was a problem."

That was the day Mastodon became a shatner-proof network.

Work on one thing, feel guilty about not working on the other thing. Work on the other thing, feel guilty about not working on the first thing. Gah