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This week's Doctor Who was wonderful! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time. Can't wait for next week!

urioxis @urioxis

@Talyaa I've been seeing people say that about every episode for the last few weeks :)

Unfortunately I'm still 4 episodes behind. Only just started on this series yesterday. How awesome is Bill though?

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@urioxis you have some good ones ahead of you!

Bill is definitely growing on me. Still missing Clara though, otherwise I think I'd be more into Bill. Love her feistiness and she's adorable when she's into someone though. I'll be sad when the season is over.

@Talyaa ah, I never liked Clara all that much. The writers never seemed able to decide what they want to do with her, which is much the same problem Peter Capaldi has had.

@urioxis Capaldi is brilliant! Agreed that they haven't fully taken advantage of what he can do. I will miss him.