Hey nerds who own laptops

I'm thinking of getting a new laptop. Thin preferably, and maybe even a zenbook. I won't entertain the notion of getting something by apple, sorry.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the zenbook? Or even other thin, sexy looking laptops with nice screens.


@Mainebot How much do you want to spend, what part of the specs do you care about most (besides the looks) and what constitutes a nice screen for you?

With this info I could take a look and see what I'd recommend.


up to about 1000 CAD, a touch screen that goes as close to the edge of the case as possible, thin and not running like a celeron or extremely slow mobile-version of a processor. Minimum 4 gigs ram, more is better.

@tim Basically I want something I can actually use on my lap, that isn't going to badly stutter or crap out on me. I'm looking to replace my old Surface Pro 1 which isn't much for lap use but had surprisingly decent hardware specs and whose material design i loved.

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