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Thoughts on the two big decentralized social networks: #Mastodon is great and I use it a lot (too much?). I like that it federates with several other networks.

#Diaspora is mostly uninteresting and I find it hard to find interesting people to follow so I don't use it much. It also doesn't federate with as many other networks/software.

Marsxyz 🇧🇪 @marsxyz

@ink_slinger pliz say "fediverse" in place of "mastodon network"

@marsxyz I was specifically talking about Mastodon, due to number of users, and then referencing that it connects to the rest of the fediverse.

Same reason I said diaspora rather than "The Federation."

@marsxyz But, yes, I usually try to say "fediverse" when I'm talking about the whole network and only say "mastodon" if I'm talking specifically about the software (or the vague "culture" of Mastodon, which isn't always the same as the rest of the fediverse).