What is maly.io?

Maly is a stable, non-tracking Mastodon instance running along other services like our PeerTube instance and a private cloud.

Home to 380 users
Who authored 75,871 statuses
Connected to 5,551 other instances


  • We do not track you. (but others on the Fediverse might, no instance can guarantee this)
  • Light moderation. The instance rules are defined below.
  • We federate with every instance out there. But that does not say we allow every kind of content.


Obviously, every instance has to have rules. Without this, although this instance is pretty small, there would be problems. Here they are:

  • Respect everyone
  • Do not spam (this applies mainly to bots)
  • No NSFW without an appropriete Content-Warning.
  • Any kind of illegal content is prohibited.
  • Have fun 🎉

Behind the scenes

The servers running all the services of Maly are hosted by @href@soc.ialis.me at Online.net (FR) et Hetzner (DE, FI).

You can support the hosting fees on href's liberapay: liberapay.com/href.