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Hi all, I know creativity.cafe has been down (so sorry!! :( ) -- the instance has run out of hard disk space for all of your lovely art. I need to get it onto S3 but haven't had a chance/won't 'til this weekend. Sit tight...

@acw I think people will know what you mean if you say BAMACARE

it seems like it doesn't matter what time I get home, I have to have at least two hours of wind down time. got home at 11pm? sucks for me, loser

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eating your food too fast like Ng'drsklo'cht, devourer of worlds ๐Ÿ™„

@ryker For penance, thou shalt utter 5 ๐Ÿs and 10 awoos

a forbidden love, a cross-instance romance.. a scrappy, spirited young lad from .xyz determined to be with an heiress of .social royalty. their mods won't allow it. but they will do anything to be together.

#newinstance #instances Hey everyone, creativity.cafe is here! It's an instance for artists and creators of any kind - painters, glitch artists, musicians, writers, sculptors, whatever! And even just enthusiasts. If you're into art-y things and want to hang with other people who are too, come join us!

It's invite-only to keep it nice and cozy, but getting an invite is easy - just DM me what handle and email you want. :)

Please give me a little boost if you're into the idea! <3

I think one thing I will try to make a point of in the coming days is to highlight the various instances who could use help supporting their efforts financially. ย I've been noticing that just a few nodes seem to get the attention in this regard.

I will post them with a short description of the instance and a link to their donations method (patreon, btc, paypal whatever) on the hashtag #buildingtheroads because I am not a clever woman.

If you want to support my little effort then please boost this :)

I've written 'toot', a very simple command-line utility to allow Mastodon posts to be sent from the command-line: npmjs.com/package/toot

OK Y'ALL! creativity.cafe is here! Fitting that it's a nocturnal, late-night launch... anyways, if you requested an account from me, you can reset your password with your email there. Please follow me at creativity.cafe/@way instead now :) And if you want an account, DM me!

I'll post some more official nice stuff about the server tomorrow morning when I'm not exhausted!

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@KitRedgrave @netkitteh @keezee oh god, the DSLs I've seen, the DSLs I've _made_... I somehow accidentally wrote a compiler on one of my projects

@sblaydes @djsundog not sure! it's quite possible that Mastodon wouldn't know how to handle requests going to/from a plain IP address. given how integral instance names are, I imagine it would burp on a plain IP

Wellp, Namecheap seems to have flagged my account for "risk management", I guess because I've been buying so many ridiculous domain names. creativity.cafe will have to wait until that's resolved since I can't forward my nameservers yet :( but I've got y'all's requested usernames in a spreadsheet!