despite trying to use astrological timing to order a new laptop, I did not properly acknowledge that Venus ruling the matter opposed Neptune quite directly - naturally, "something" has "gone wrong" and it's delayed and I have no idea what (Neptune, illusions, delay, sacrifice).

oooh, the moon is decently-aspected, I said! to what? Neptune. oo, Venus sextiles Jupiter, I said! and it trines... Neptune.

thanks Neptune, I'll see my package whenever it etherealizes from the ether i guess

All right y'all! will be an invite-only instance for artists whether visual, musician, craftsperson, glitch, analog, whatever. Yes, I'll be banning nazis and assholes and etc.

If you want an invite, send me your desired email and name (see screenshot for how to do a DM). I'll create an account for you once I have the instance set up. Might be a day or two looking at how to work invite-only.

Hello there! I published Glitchet 1.20: Atomic Rooms!

Repurposed nuclear shelters, Twitter without the Nazis, FedEx being weird, microbial ballistics, nukes, and more!

And of course, tons of great glitchy/net-y artwork, and I plugged Mastodon because I really do like it very very much. (goodness, I like to stretch my character-limit legs.)

OK y'all! is live and ready to help your friends find places to toot from! It provides scored instances in an easy-to-use fashion for new users and helps onboard them to tinier instances. Please help me load-test it by boosting it across the fediverse! :)

Next to come is a nice home page with explanations of the fediverse!

Source and hopeful-roadmap available:

sneak peek of what will be (hopefully tonight!). only thing that I need to fix is to flag non-English language instances for now since I don't have a good internationalization strategy yet (sorry eurofriends).
for now, though, I gotta go do improv.

I'm working on a service that looks over the list and scores them according to https, uptime, user load, and obv. whether you can actually register on them. hopefully I'll be able to deploy this as an easy-for-newbs instance picker sometime tomorrow (got the url reserved which I think is adorable)

i'm using algebra and shit, it's very scientific

anyways good night!


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