All right y'all! will be an invite-only instance for artists whether visual, musician, craftsperson, glitch, analog, whatever. Yes, I'll be banning nazis and assholes and etc.

If you want an invite, send me your desired email and name (see screenshot for how to do a DM). I'll create an account for you once I have the instance set up. Might be a day or two looking at how to work invite-only.

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@way are you aiming at professional artists, or do you welcome amateurs as well?

@bdenh everyone in the whole wide world who does anything they consider art! :)

@way Hey as a developer on another software that federates with Mastodon, I just wanted to point out (so you know) unlisted notices will display on public timelines if they federate to a GNU social/postActiv/et al instance.  This is a mastodon only feature that doesn't federate.

Just wanted you to know so you don't get burned.

@maiyannah that specific post is intentionally public but that's really good to know, thank you!

@way Yeah I figured, I just wanted to let you know given the graphic, before you posted an unlisted one and was upset it got "leaked".  Right now GNU social has no concept of notice scopes.  It's something I'm working on improving on with my fork, postActiv, but it's not in there yet (and even when it is, people will need to update the software, etc, and old instances won't have it, nor ones on original GNU social...)

@maiyannah very cool! let me know if there's anything I can do to help signal boost postActiv when you need it :)

@way I'm actually going to be launching a flagship instance for it soon if you'd like to try out what it has to offer.  Watch #postActiv if you want to tap on development and happenings in the community.
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