y'know the one thing about all this is I bet you start getting some serious issues once number of instances starts hitting a few thousand. Not sure how they're doing federation (and don't wanna look at code 'cause would get AGPL poisoned, and kinda wanna do a non-rails version of this all) but my suspicion is it'll get hard to scale.

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@v the base tech has been around for like a decade now and i wouldn't be surprised if there were already a thousand. the only new thing here is the front end.

@kodo well, gnu social has been. don't think there's any instance that's been federated to more than 150-odd, but we'll see. I mean, everything has scaling problems as it scales but that's gonna be a pretty harsh one potentially, especially for new instances.

@v @kodo based on @munin's experience, getting an instance rolled up at all is rough

@sonya @kodo @munin yup, looks that way. classic rails app style. which is part of the reason I kinda want to get something better going on. e.g. golang + DB for backend where installation is basically "drop a binary on a VPS" (slight exaggeration, you need to install DB too). But something that's more suitable for a personal instance. But need to look more at the federation architecture to see if "a zillion personal instances" is even feasible.

@kodo @sonya @munin (christ it's nice not shoving everything in 140 chars)

@kodo yup that too. especially with recent-ish versions where you can real easily do read-only DB pool.

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