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Why is this not the official image of Mastodon yet

There are so many things I'd like to say to so many people but I just can't be bothered with pointless arguments. It's a real shame that all the same bs is present here as I've seen elsewhere.

Is it really so hard to be excellent to each other?

What have I achieved today?

Well I cropped myself a new lockscreen wallpaper. Not every day is a winner :)

Anyone going to Oracle Code in London on thursday?

Hooray for slime tubes! Gonna have a huge mess to clean up and patch when I get home but at least I got to work on time :D

And now I sleep listening to the new season of "Alice isn't dead". <3

Kind of wondering if it's just me or if everyone has a particular affinity for the first language they learned to program in.

Ignoring BASIC, I taught myself C++ (badly) as a teenager and went on to do software engineering at uni and then as a career. I've learned functional languages, domain specific languages, Java, I guess, and so on, but nothing comes close to the joy I get from returning to C++.

On a more positive note, I actively submitted my blog to a thing that might gain readers so yay?

I have to deal with this. Depression and anxiety suck. And after a day spent at work pretending to be normal (in more ways than just this) I rarely have the energy to be sociable, but for what it's worth I still want and need to try. 3/3

I would have done, cutting off links to more of the friends I've not yet pushed away. I've even started blogging and genuinely can't tell if I'm writing actual shit or whether it's OK and I just think it's shit and why on earth would anyone care about anything I write.

I don't know what saying this will achieve but I had to say it somewhere. That and the fact that I'm always grateful for those who stick by me regardless (a metaphor for this post maybe). I want to meet people and chat but... 2/3

I want to shout into the void for a minute.

I'm struggling horribly with mental health at the moment. I want, or even need, to talk to people; to try and do something about the intense loneliness, but on the rare occasions I do get words down I hate them so much that I always delete the before sending. I mean, I feel like my words being in a place where they can be read somehow must actively piss off any who read them. If you could delete social media accounts from mobile apps, 1/3

Ugh, just wrote a long and rambling toot that got swallowed by a shitty app. Anyone know of a _good_ Mastodon client for Android?

Unix really does hold everything together!

I forgot just how much I enjoyed programming in C++, and it's _so much better_ with C++14! 😁

Can't wait for C++17 to become widely available

Y'all have probably already seen this but I love it. Had me laughing in the office

Well I think I'm slowly getting into the swing of writing blog posts. Don't get me wrong, I still think I'm writing total shit but it's getting easier to do so :)

I have a slight issue with mastodon in that I have no idea who anyone in here is..

May as well plug my new blog: jooles.github.io/mimic/.

For those I've not spoken to about this before, I'm writing a JVM in order to learn modern C++ and am blogging about how I go about it in what I hope is a way that's accessible to new(ish)bies after some friends said they'd like to see such a thing. I'd hope that it shows inexperienced coders that even big projects are totally achievable.

I suck at writing though, so constructive feedback is welcome.

Well, I caved. Another network, why not? If it is less mentally draining than the others then this might be a really good thing.