Ugh, I forgot how shitty SSRIs are when you start taking them. All the downsides of a ketamine comedown without the fun times beforehand.

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Took another spin on the wheel of psychotropic drugs today. Back to SSRIs again. Whee

Will these ones have tolerable side effects or will they make my intestines bleed and my hair fall out (both actual listed potential side effects)? Can't wait to find out

Seriously, just fuck everything. What's the point?

Programming in a nutshell :

Yesterday - Oh gods, wtf? How does this even? I'm such a fraud!
Today - FUCK YEAH! Worked first time!

All from the same task of course 😂

I'm so totally exhausted after this week. Looking forward to a nice evening of getting stoned and writing some more of my JVM :D

Though i might mix it up a bit and learn some Clojure.

Only problem is now my eyes hurt and I can't breathe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Ugh, I loathe most types of cleaning but there's something very satisfying about stinking of bleach after attacking the mold in the bathroom. Smells like... victory :)

Fuck! Fucking shitty fucking elections! Even the normally reasonable people I know have already gone full on tribal, resorting to cheap shots, scorn and derision to make their points.

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By "vast majority", I mean I currently have only two packages that have LTO disabled so far out of ~250 packages that I've rebuilt. So maybe 20 at most by the time I've gotten through all 1250 installed packages?

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Finally found a set of LTO options that work for the vast majority of Gentoo packages, unlike my previous configuration where I had well over 300 exceptions and counting.

This is with GCC 6 as well, which hasn't even hit unstable yet!

I do need to submit a patch for sysklogd though

Oh my gods, I'm so fucking exhausted!

Had a lot of fun at Oracle Code though and finally understand micro services and CQRS. Plus Java 9 has some cool new features. But daaaamn, like 7 deeply technical talks, all with only 5 minutes between them.

Fuck JavaScript. Like, can we please just kill it with fire?

How can the same code produce completely opposing behaviours when served from different servers? It runs client side, for fuck's sake! This is running in the same browser, connecting to the same service so the data is identical.

I need to write an app for tracking inhaler usage. I never know when they've run out and I've not got a good way of tracking how often I need to use the blue inhaler.

Everything I can see in the play store sucks or is part of some smart inhaler package.

Seriously, just fuck everything. I really didn't need a general election. I haven't even fully recovered from the misery of the Labour leadership elections, brexit and the US election.

Who knows? Maybe this time I will just leave the other social media sites. I'd lose contact with a lot of good people, but I'd also miss most of the bullshit

Welp! The UK is officially screwed now.

I'd really love to see a native mastodon client that allows easy switching between instances. I loathe using the web for anything I don't have to, especially on mobile.

I gotta say, I'm loving the number of French toots. Gives me a lazy way of practising reading it :)

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Pourrions-nous réconcilier les partisans d'une *liste de blocage niveau instance* et ceux d'un *choix individuel de blocage* en inventant une *liste de "warning" niveau instance*?

Ainsi un admin mettrait des gens ou instances dessus, et les utilisateurs de l'instance verraient par défaut un message de type "NSFW" entourant chacun de leurs messages

"Attention, l'admin pense que ce contenu est violent/dangereux/etc. Cliquez ici pour le voir quand même".


#warninglist #MastoDev

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