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Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

@tim They lock me out for not giving my phone number. Now They are on my shitsocials list. Good news are the world doesn't need them.

Tim Pastoor ✅ @tim

@protocolo I could unlock my account by adding a phone number, but f that. Everything ends.

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@tim Thanks for the tip Tim, I don't think Jack needs my number and to my surprise I've never got the shakes. Yes, I'm out of shitsocials for good. #Mastodon is not so crowded but people will come.

@protocolo I'm okay with the amount of people it has already. It's a lot less distracting. Leaves more room for focus on the important things, I guess.

@tim very true, I'm happy here too as it is for now.