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Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

Twitter is censoring Mastodon.Social links. The antitrust vibe with this one is strong.


@adam Might also want to check out this thread on birdsite. I haven't verified it and don't plan on getting involved in geopolitical bs, but it might be worth for someone to take a deeper look at.

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"The censorship is on & for some reason, we've put all of our faith & no one questions that they're blocking just: articles, just information. An article about the numbers is taken down by Medium, blocked by Twitter…and Google Drive just blew me away." — @adam #noagenda 1227

@adam Dutch 90s kid here. Enjoyed listening and learning about you and your journey on JRE. I was wondering if you ever entertained thoughts on the concept of decentralized identity and/or reputation. I figured it'd be right up your alley. If so, here's some food for thought that might interest you. If not, no hard feelsies. All the best!

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69 Weird Methods For Using Fanny Packs To Fight Chupacabra Attacks

Deleted my Twitter.

Also, my son's first word was AWOOOO! :D

I just published "Meditations on Thinkspot, and design considerations."

Comments, questions, and/or suggestions welcome. :-)

I'm so old I remember when rappers had to catch a train.

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