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Just got locked out of Twitter ... again ... because of this tweet, and so was @exiledsurfer for giving me a heads up on the article.

You can't make this up.

The desktop version of Mastodon has two different interfaces: a single column Twitter-style one, and a multicolumn Tweetdeck-style one.

✅ To switch between Mastodon's desktop interfaces, go to Preferences > Appearance > Enable Advanced Web Interface. Selecting it activates multicolumn, unselecting it activates single column.

Multicolumn lets you add lots of additional columns, which may be handy for desktops on very wide monitors.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Mastodon #Interface #UI #Appearance

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Silicon Valley poses an immediate threat to the integrity of the Internet.

#Bitcoin Twitter today is one of the most active AND most widely seeked out communities on Twitter.

I think Bitcoiners are at a strong position to send a clear message to Twitter. A migration to alternative platforms will make a big dent in Twitter by pulling away large, valuable subsections.

Content is the building block of social networks & those who produce content control networks; it seems SV has forgotten this.

Twitter is censoring Mastodon.Social links. The antitrust vibe with this one is strong.


@adam Might also want to check out this thread on birdsite. I haven't verified it and don't plan on getting involved in geopolitical bs, but it might be worth for someone to take a deeper look at.

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"The censorship is on & for some reason, we've put all of our faith & no one questions that they're blocking just: articles, just information. An article about the numbers is taken down by Medium, blocked by Twitter…and Google Drive just blew me away." — @adam #noagenda 1227

@adam Dutch 90s kid here. Enjoyed listening and learning about you and your journey on JRE. I was wondering if you ever entertained thoughts on the concept of decentralized identity and/or reputation. I figured it'd be right up your alley. If so, here's some food for thought that might interest you. If not, no hard feelsies. All the best!

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69 Weird Methods For Using Fanny Packs To Fight Chupacabra Attacks

Deleted my Twitter.

Also, my son's first word was AWOOOO! :D

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