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Pretty nice having an instance all to myself

Thanks admin!

Life is a piece of shit gameplay wise. I hope the post-game content is better.

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You guys are alright, don't sign in to Smugloli tomorrow.

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@Ricotta @hakui @rasterman I guess going to one of the OpenNIC-specific domains is an option… but that equals to cutting out normalfag area of the web out since those are network-private.
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>9chan is getting ddosed
Fuckers are at it again. They know they can't win, don't they?

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Anyone else remember Now THAT was an instance

Hell threads. Hell threads never change.

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I've been here since the first migration of users from Twitter, although I've used identica before. I appreciate the efforts of everyone involved.

@nepfag is a great admin and he does it for free, thank you for everything. And for all the people that I've met here, I'm grateful for the time we've spent together.

It's sad and kinda maddening that it (might) end like this, but all good things end some day. Good night and good luck.

I bet when whoever checks back on in a day they'll wonder who this new pixel man is and wonder why he's shitting up the timeline

Part of the reason why I'm so skeptical though. If nobody uses the instance will the admin shut it down? Should I just make my own server? :welp:

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Ah, you know what. I love you niggers too much.

Brb while I buy a new server

I did make a patreon but I don't want to start e-begging until I actually make stuff people enjoy, otherwise it just feels wrong to me

Almost time to start working fulltime again over the summer. Be really nice if I could just be a neet off patreonbucks some day...

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I really really miss the smug emotes now. You could convey so much emotion with them

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