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@sonya I’m on one for the GLAM folks, those who work in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums.

It’s called 🙂

nothing will ever beat for pure lulz though

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there are so many amazing instance URLs!!!

for example:

and those are just three that I saw in the last hour

Really enjoying this GitHub discussion on the pros and cons of adding a "local-only" privacy option for toots:

@hector when I follow someone I imagine hugging the anime girl in their avi

I can't believe Wil Wheaton of all people got run off the Fediverse

like yes the guy is annoying, but you can block him and move on

A certain number of people live their lives waiting for their turn to be a bully will be a pleroma instance for bots, in the same vein as with a bot-friendly code of conduct.

keep an eye out for when registrations open when I'm ready!
if you're interested in helping moderate send an email to

I want a Furby so much but I'm making myself wait until September

Fun and somewhat disturbing game by Dries Depoorter, creator of Die With Me: look at a photo of an airbnb room and guess which of three pictured hosts owns it.

Play now before airbnb bans it!

Don't anthropomorphise computers - they hate that.

Even if you're not allowed to code, you can still write in machine language.

Freedom of Assembly is a human right.

#SPCFacts Right after I started Shitposter Club, I had a user that just favorited everything everybody posted, and this was enough to destroy GNU Social's performance.

One interesting new development is something called #Osada, which effectively bridges Zot to other protocols like ActivityPub. Not really sure how, but it's interesting:

"Osada is ultimately designed to bridge #ActivityPub with #Zap, which is a pure Zot/6 social network application; however you might find that it is a quite capable ActivityPub client on its own."

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