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Sonya Mann ✅ @sonya

this company showed up in my work inbox today

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@ben how about this guy (from the same page)

reminds me of the new linux version of skype I read about, that includes a couple of lame "remember to take your medication" bots and such...ah, gonna puke...

@sonya is the picture before the humanization happens

From the PR person's email: "Knowing it'd be their biggest hurdle, the company has already transformed voice personalization using AI and speech synthesis — so now your virtual doppelganger not only sounds like you, but it can also sing like you, but better… and in Chinese."

@sonya That sounds exhilarating and a little bit bewildering, just like good PR!

@sonya Wow, that'd be something to see. A whole new way to impersonate people. It reminds me of that episode of Black Mirror where the guy dies and his partner is offered a virtual replacement.

@sonya How do I become that version of me, so that I actually feel like I deserve my wife?

Uh -- asking for a friend. Yes. That. O_O

@parataxis ...mother? I'm scared what is that

@parataxis jfk that would be kind of cute, like a Roomba, with any other name

@sonya also IoT sensor hubs are inherently creepy

@sonya Hi Sonya, this is an alt for me, I also follow you on I don't want to confuse anyone..

@parataxis @sonya

IF those sensors can run off of harvested power and not need batteries + encryption... they're my dream IoT dongle.

@sonya I just threw up and a little bit of vomit came out of my eye sockets.

@sonya sounds like some silicon valley grade BS to me

@sonya "Our AIs totally won't murder you and take your place"

@sonya why do companies keep trying to inflict this shit on us