I'm going to Patreon HQ right now to talk to the execs. Since a lot of you are users, I wanna know: Any burning questions that I should make sure to ask them?

Hey everybody — I had a super busy day, but answers to your questions coming soon. I think I'm going to write them up as a blog post or maybe just a pastebin.

@sonya Would be cool if we could get them to talk about how Operation Choke Point affects their business -- which things would they like to support but had to not? I'd also prolly ask about cryptocurrency plans

@sonya I don't have any but I'll boost this because I know a lot of people have some good questions

@sonya how can they make patreon more friendly to open source maintainers. They put in a lot of work to maintain software that a lot of companies make millions off of. How can we maintain their genius with a for-profit set up that displays their skills?

@samrocksc answers! not super specific when it comes to your question, but I think I'm going to do a larger story about OSS maintainers who use Patreon :)

@sonya @samrocksc I wonder how many people know that esr is supported by a patreon campaign.

@sonya ask 'em about smol, zero-dollar a month users
I'm not sure what exactly, but go for it anyway

@sonya Everyone always wants to talk to the `exec`s. Nobody ever wants to talk to the `fork`s

@sonya `fork` and `exec` are the two main commands that the OS gives you to manage which programs are running. Kind of

@sonya What did you have for lunch today is always my answer to the question of "ama" or "what should I ask?"

@sonya crap i meant you were gonna do a Q and A with the operator/developer of mastodon social. That's why i asked "what breed of cat does the admin have" (Admin as in the site administrator/owner)


I mean, I get the whole shtick of the site, but there's times I want to give an *immediate* bump to somebody I'm patreonizing, and it's dumb to have to go somewhere else to do that when the payment pipeline is already *right there*.

@lambadalambda @sonya @nerflad I've got a few:
1) What happened to you hair?
2) Did you use Homer Simpson's make up shotgun?
3) When was the last time you went to the gym?

That is all.
@lambadalambda @sonya @nerflad  I've got a few:
1) What happened to your hair?
2) Did you use Homer Simpson's make up shotgun?
3) When was the last time you went to the gym?

That is all.
@sonya maybe ask them how their flagging thingy works, and what they do to prevent false positives like @nepfag @lambadalambda @nerflad

@m0n5t3r I forgot to ask this in person but I'm following up about it! Here are the rest of the answers, if you're interested

@lambadalambda @nerflad the answer to this surprised me

> Patreon made it hard to delete your account on purpose, because they’re worried about creators’ incomes being jeopardized in the event of a hostile account takeover (hacking, an abusive spouse, etc).

More answers here

@lambadalambda oh of course :) obviously they also financially benefit from keeping people on the platform

@sonya How can Patreon more directly fund the passion projects of creators?

@deadsuperhero unfortunately I forgot to ask this, but I'm following up about it. here are the rest of the answers:

@sonya are they looking at implementing an group/project oriented funding models? Right now they have accounts that represent groups, or figure heads that represent entire operations - but I'd prefer something that works better for loose collectives (non formal organizations) and helps divy out money.

Oh wow, that procedurally generated fox face thing is *the best*

Thanks :D

@sonya the real were their office chairs?

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