Downloading all my Kindle ebooks and turning them into .epub files, on macOS:

It took several hours (including wait times) and I'm still not 100% done. Hopefully, like, 95% done.

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Love Calibre, been using it for years (although infrequently). DRM is such an ethical disgrace, it's possible to argue we should never touch that Kindle Amazon stuff, but otoh actual free ownership of books is going the way of the dodo.

@waxwing @sonya @Sosthene Speaking of ethical disgraces - its appalling they expect people to pay for publicly funded research and persecute people who try to make it freely available like Aaron Swartz.

Fortunately we now have SCI-HUB:

@PaulTroon @waxwing @sonya @Sosthene Don't put:

javascript:location.hostname += ''

...on your bookmarks bar, or click on that when viewing the paywall screen of a paper you are interested in. 😂

@sonya Is it working now ? I used to use Calibre and this plugin many years ago, and stopped when I found out that it won't break Kindle's DRM anymore. I guess Amazon beefed up its DRM, but maybe this plugin had an update ?

@sonya I'm looking forward to trying this! Thanks for posting ☺️

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