there are so many amazing instance URLs!!!

for example:

and those are just three that I saw in the last hour

nothing will ever beat for pure lulz though

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@sonya I don't get "", but yes, I think @l3viathan being correct about Mastodon being a conspiracy by big gTLD to sell more silly domains

@jemus42 side note "" is absolutely fantastic

("bofa" is a joke. you somehow say "bofa," the other person is like "what does that mean?" and then you say "bofa deez nuts")

@sonya thanks! and… thanks! never heard of that one. Reminds me of someone on Reddit explaining something and ending with "…and bob's your uncle", and I was… confused.

@sonya I’m on one for the GLAM folks, those who work in Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums.

It’s called 🙂

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