I can't believe Wil Wheaton of all people got run off the Fediverse

like yes the guy is annoying, but you can block him and move on

@sonya tbh it was a side of the fediverse I didnt know existed. He got thrown out by the people in the walled gardens that blocked SPC long before I joined it. If anything I'm surprised it even happened

@dielan the "harassment is good when we do it" vibe is... well, it sure is something

@sonya Its not a good look thats for sure. I bet wilw is going to reactivate his twitter and tell people to stay away. Which may have unknown effects
@sonya I was wrong. He's not going back to twitter and will blog about it instead

Unless a news outlet runs a story on this, which they might because hes a celebrity, this probably won't amount to anything on its own. I guess we wait and see now

@sonya reading that blog post reminded me of something i'd been wondering about: do you know if there's any reasonably objective, in-depth history of what happened with gamergate?

@arjan have you read thezoepost? I'd start by doing that. as for subsequent events... wew, there's just so much. everyone behaved badly, although I think the harassers who professed to be gamergaters were the worst

@Modernist I find it pretty sad. "harassment is good when we do it" is among my least favorite paradigms

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