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Hello new #Mastodon folks! 🐘

Have you heard of the #Fediverse? πŸ—ΊοΈ

It's a set of community projects that use the #ActivityPub standard to talk to each other.

Mastodon is the most well developed, but there are many works in progress too:

Instagram -> PixelFed πŸ“·

YouTube -> PeerTube 🎞️

SoundCloud -> Funkwhale 🎧

MeetUp -> GetTogether 🍻

...and many others.

Sonya Mann βœ… @sonya

@switchingsocial @pixelfed @funkwhale @GetTogetherComm GnuSocial has been around for ages and Pleroma is also worth of mention

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@sonya @switchingsocial @pixelfed @funkwhale @GetTogetherComm Could you please explain a bit more detailed what it means that all these applications are built on ActivityPub. Will you be able to see posts from one of these new apps here and comment on it?


Basically, yes, you will be able to follow people from one platform on another, and comment/like their posts.

You can already follow PeerTube channels on Mastodon (e.g. @blender ). The blogging platforms Plume and @write_as are also already federating.

The range of interactions depends on the platform, for example PixelFed will let you follow Mastodon accounts but will only display posts that have images attached. You'll also be able to follow PF accounts on Mastodon.


Agreed! GNUSocial is probably my favourite out of all the microblogging services on ActivityPub (although I'm on Mastodon, I realize how much I miss being able to log in without JS).

Also #Mediagoblin but that hasn't gotten ActivityPub implemented yet.