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Sonya Mann ✅

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you don't need to pin like five different toots, everybody, that makes it pretty annoying to look at your profile

mood: looking at fan art of Red Sonja on deviantart

I didn't go to medical school for eight years to be called Mr. Pepper

What is the best demystification of the term "decentralization" you've seen?

Particularly interested in pre-2009 usage of it, although contemporary "bitcoin" or "web"-specific flavors are also appreciated.

Hi, victim.
I write you bеcаuse I рut a mаlwаre on thе wеb рage with pоrn which yоu havе visited.
My virus grаbbеd аll yоur persоnаl info and turned on your саmera which capturеd thе рroсеss оf yоur onаnism.

Hello. Did you miss me? Your internet girlfriend? Well, worry no longer, my darling, because Volume 8 is here at long last! 💋

Looking for hot girls to give me money

@twitter Just use a smaller font. It makes it impractical, even with tweezers.

i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

I promised a friend that I'd stay off Twitter until Thursday but I didn't say a thing about the Fediverse!

going to the activitypub to get activitydrunk

Any freelancers on here with experience? Please email me your portfolio!

Please tell me where I can find the Pleroma installation PC CD-ROM

Good morning Fediverse! I'm going to have Sushirrito today and I'm excited.

I have some questions about operating an #i2p relay, esp. when it comes to the legal situation in germany. Anybody here with experience? IIRC it's relatively safe to run a #tor relay here, as long as it's not an outproxy/exitnode. Does this apply to i2p to? #privacy #anonymity