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Sébastien Marie @semarie

if you like one of them, you could like others (aka self-promoting of tools for OpenBSD - all available in ports):

- sysclean : list obsolete files between OpenBSD upgrades (aka delete old stuff between upgrades)

- checkrestart : help to find processes that need restarting after upgrade (aka which service to restart after pkg_add -u)

- upobsd : download, verify and patch bsd.rd image (aka upgrading the system without hands)

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@semarie wait, take my money! Where can I read docs for upobsd? I have > 40 OpenBSD machines I need to update and by the time I’m done a new version is out…

@cynicalsecurity @semarie that many obsd can't be by choice, do you work for Shell Petrol or something ? :D

@suqdiq @semarie it is by choice, my choice, and teaching clients about the advantages of OpenBSD.

@cynicalsecurity @semarie nowadays i guess openbsd makes even way more sense than before, didnt realise how shit linux could get despite grsecurity security features ;p stopped using openbsd at 3.3 en lieu of grsec’ed slackware :pppp alot more stuff was missing :p though it kinda still is, alot of pax/grsec stuff wasnt implemented in obsd at all :(

@cynicalsecurity the repository of upobsd is at bitbucket.org/semarie/upobsd/s

upobsd [-v] [-m mirror] [-V version] [-a arch] [-p signify-key] [-i install-response-file] [-u upgrade-response-file] [-o output]

@semarie So, if I read it correctly, this reduces a version upgrade to “download & patch” with upobsd, reboot into bsd.rd, sysmerge & packages.

This already cuts down on my time as I still have to console in but at least I don’t have to drone through the bsd.rd questions.

As all my machines are standardised SuperMicro with network connections on the same interfaces this gives me a single response script (good) and reduces the errors.

@cynicalsecurity If you put the generated bsd.rd on the host as /bsd, just rebooting will be enough to upgrade (boot will be done using /bsd per default). So console access could be used only for problem recovery. (and /bsd.booted will be still available as backup)

@semarie Thanks for upobsd, really a handy tool!

@semarie Since you are a BSD user which one for you is more difficult FreeBSD or OpenBSD ?.

@neomoevius I never really used FreeBSD, so I can't tell. is just simple, consistent and well documented.

Difficulty is about the user, not about the system itself.

@semarie Oh ok.... Sebastian I didn't known this I was thinking you were a FreeBSD/OpenBSD guru !, Misunderstood !. 🤔