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Thaha Jemni

And yes I have a website. Or rather: I have plans for it.

Visual studio at almost 100 percent install, use it at work, gonna try to build my website from now one on the .net core framework. I mean: I find it to be extremely easy and the documenation is gooood.

I have said this before, but:

The Edge browser is just nice, simple, easy to use, fast and has ad blockers.

After all of my friends started playing GTA V again, I couldn't stay behind.

Hello there Windows, again.

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Let's do a little experiment. It's obviously biased by my relative participation in each, but I'm comparing the reach of twitter, facebook, Diaspora, pump, G+, and GNU Social (plus anything that can talk directly to it...that is not via NavierStokes).

Please like this if you see it. Obviously, if you want more people to like it, then you share it, but I'm only going to count likes.

Weetje wat? Ik spreek Nederlands, dus ik ga hier ook gewoon Nederlandse post plaatsen.

Misschien zal niemand dit kunnen lezen, maar toch. Zo wel: hallo daar medemens!

The weather is finnally changing where I live, I mean after a lot of warm days it's nice that it's gonna be a little bit cooler.

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Morning lovely people.

Tell somebody you love them today. It's a great way to start they day and it just feels good to let someone know you're thinking about them.

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Man Invented Alcohol,
God Invented Grass.
Whom do you trust?

It is sooo fast and the NVidia drivers are just working 100% and don't give strange glitches.

Now I used Ubuntu a bit more: this is the place I once entered Linux, probably going to be the place in my Linux world again.

Even though yesterday night I backed up my things, fucked up my installation 3 times, I now have a Ubuntu install. Not what I wnated, but in the end it is fine. Have not used it because I went to sleep shortly after, but Ubuntu is just nicer since the moved away from unity

Ubuntu just automatically went full screen and it is faaaast. Nice to have a distro again made for stable day to day uses.

Lets just download Ubuntu and make things a bit more stable

Fucked up both a FreeBSD, a Linux and another Linux install. Back to windows i guess?

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Ask for help if you're stuck.

Sometimes it is best to admit you don't know and get some outside help.

Seriously, ASK

Just noticed some nice UI changes in @Tusky , some little thibgs that makes it a little bit nicer to user. Thanks for that, and thanks for providing a simple to use Android client for Mastodon.

So I succeeded in my attempt to get a dynamic from a XML string directly. Man, code runs 20 times better.