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Young women on tumblr tagging their selfies 'cursed image' is probably a thread with some deep & interesting sociological research on the end if somebody with a PhD tugs on it.

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With The_Gibson

Wim Van Eck

Computer researcher who outlined a methos in which signals could be intercepted remotely from the radiation output of a CRT of LCD monitor.

in 1985.

And Van Eck Phreaking was born.

Airgap was defeated before it was even called an airgap.

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I'm getting super interested in Library and Information Science. Does anyone have a good survey/introductory text I can poke at? I'd prefer an e-book if possible, I've been reading through but it seems a bit incomplete.

Even Skynet probably couldn't keep Microsoft Word figures centered

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What if we're called millennials because we're the ones destined to immanentize the eschaton?

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MSX Expert by Gradiente, a Brazilian computer from the 80s

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Python is pretty easy to read, but I forgot how annoying it is to work on other people's code when you hit gnarly areas.

That being said, once I know what it's called, the documentation and community support is quite good.

> "Python has at least six ways of formatting a string" :psyduck:

1. Censored social media

2. Algorithm certification boards

3. Social credit systems

These are some of the reasons why we need decentralization now. Things like Mastodon are imperfect but also meaningful.

"Immediately defunding of every archaeology department and research program may not be sufficient to save us, because (as The Mummy films reveal) there are simply too many rich people with archaeological hobbies2. Perhaps we need obligatory archaeology prevention programs in school (like the drug prevention programs that have worked so well). Perhaps task forces should be roaming the world, shutting down illicit digs. "

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You transcend the grand paradigms when you forget about realism, liberalism, constructivism etc and embrace surrealism

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ran across someone on the birdsite referring to mathematical cranks as the "Galois did 9/11" crowd, which I somehow find very funny

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user interfaces are means for users to browse and select intents held in common by them and the author of the software, separated by time and extraneous context

user interfaces do not exist to export your org's or your ego's prefab aesthetics

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In the future egirls will be worshipped akin to saints in folk Catholicism

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