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The thing that really pisses me off about ReiserFS from time to time
is not the "FS" part...

- Henning Schmiedehausen on linux-kernel
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Why, yes, I am flying with an IBM Model M2 keyboard and a handbuilt PS2-USB converter for it in my carryon. Doesn't everyone? 😉

(credit where credit due: converter running TMK firmware, with keymap modified to turn Caps Lock into "Windows" key. I just modified the keymap, compiled it, and soldered the thing together.)

@lambadalambda you've been educated stupid by one word god academics, haven't you?

@knarphie Don't worry too much about the weird; serotonergic neurons have autosynapses to regulate activity level, and the receptor densities post-synaptically are also feedback controlled. but with a time lag. When I first switched to 800 mg it was mildly psychedelic for me; that went away after about three days.

@knarphie keep in mind, you should be *careful* with my advice; my brain is deeply weird. SSRIs are hallucinogenic for me.

@knarphie 200 mg/day only did a little for me; 800 mg/day actually made a lasting difference

@knarphie (and success for which purpose? I use it both against depression and to enhance LSD)

There's nowhere near enough shitposting going on here

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Dear @Gargron , please turn off Tor blocking for It's so annoying 😣

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Drink Canada Dry! You might not succeed, but it *__is* fun trying.

@junglestrike did you know that Ludwig von Hayek originally had his books published bound in leather made from the skin of the proletariat?

@junglestrike actually I am very upset about Austrian economics and wish to explain/accuse at you!

@junglestrike hello, I am an unhinged crazy person and I am butting into this conversation

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