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Further thoughts, after a few days of experience:

Mastodon feels a little more IRC-like than Twitter, and I think there are two independent factors contributing to this:

1.) Not all the content I see is selected by the social graph; there's also the local/federated timeline, which is closer to the topic-centric model (where instances are the analogues of channels or newsgroups or subreddits)

2.) Mastodon is more 'nowish' than Twitter in some ways, despite the lag.

I think the biggest source of 'nowishness' here is the relative difficulty of producing more selective/lower-volume views of my stream.

- I can browse a particular user's feed, but I either have to search them by name and view in a column in the Mastodon UI, or view their user page by URL, and then I can't fave/RT/reply. I find myself only doing this for a couple of high-priority humans, and I did it more widely on Twitter.

Andreⓐ @puellavulnerata


- Similarly, I have no good way to link to a particular toot in a way I could mention out of band, and then take that link and view it in such a way I can easily interact with it.

- No lists, so no lower-volume views of subsets of the social graph.

- DMs are another selective/lower-volume view. Putting them in-band with other notifications makes them get lost more easily. A long-standing group DM has mostly moved back to Twitter for the moment.

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@puellavulnerata I agree with all your remarks. Hope to see them fixed in the future.

@puellavulnerata You can copy the link to the toot, and paste it in the search box.

That lets you like, boost, reply.

@gaditb @puellavulnerata Oh cool, I didn't realize you could do that.

@gaditb huh, nice - does it work cross-instance?