Hey @puellavulnerata you're one of the few people I know that's also having success with 5-htp. Mind if I ask you a question or two?


@knarphie (and success for which purpose? I use it both against depression and to enhance LSD)

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@puellavulnerata For depression.

I'm back dialing in my dosage again and was looking for some advice there.

Started at ~200mg a day split across two doses. I've been waiting about 5 days then bumping it up by ~50mg a day. I'm not really sure if I'm being impatient or too patient on the wait time there. I certainly remember there being a point where more just did nothing, trying to find that point.

@puellavulnerata Also wanted to see what your thoughts if any were on supplementing B vitamins (mostly B6) along side the 5-htp were. The research I've read is kind of split. I seem to notice a difference, but not enough to say it's not just it's just a placebo response.

@knarphie 200 mg/day only did a little for me; 800 mg/day actually made a lasting difference

@knarphie keep in mind, you should be *careful* with my advice; my brain is deeply weird. SSRIs are hallucinogenic for me.

@puellavulnerata I'm up to 400mg right now and starting to see a pretty noticable difference.

I'm going to keep on with my schedule of stepping up until I don't see any improvement or things get weird.

Thanks for answering the two questions I was able to remember, I know I had one or two more, but they've slipped my mind.

@knarphie Don't worry too much about the weird; serotonergic neurons have autosynapses to regulate activity level, and the receptor densities post-synaptically are also feedback controlled. but with a time lag. When I first switched to 800 mg it was mildly psychedelic for me; that went away after about three days.

@puellavulnerata Thanks for reminding me about pushing through the weird. Went nicely and I think I've ended up where I need to be.

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