It is GNU/Mastodon or "Gnum as to Don" 🤔

So for me the mastodon experiment is about over, unless someone can tell me the replies situation isn't as bad as it appears to be. AFAICT, any time I try to read a thread from my instance, I will see only replies from people who are followed by someone on my instance. That's just not usable. Is that inaccurate? If it isn't, does anyone know if someone has a plan to deal with it? It feels a bit fundamental.

@chris_martin @Alamantus The whole "fediverse" is one huge context problem. Most people here have no idea their posts appear somewhere else where /noone/ knows what is a Mastodon/toot/boost etc.

"An early financial backer requested that posts be called toots," it says.

This is what full refunds were invented for.

The camel buckled dangerously under the penultimate straw. I moved to finish, but a sudden thought stilled my hand: who was to say that THAT one wasn't the last straw? Maybe blessed Tom could emerge from this nightmare with two working humps, after all.

SELFIED backwards is DEFILES if we assume one transposition error, as is custom.

I like to tell my children the parable of the nearly blind men and the mastodon. "Each man had such poor visual acuity, he could perceive only one of its columns," I tell them. "The first thought it was a timeline. The second, notifications. The third, some sort of context-dependent fluctuating situation. But none of them appreciated the mastodon for what it actually was."

The mastodon offers three columns. Someday, it may offer four. But the fifth column can only emerge from within.

What do you call the first smoothie you make with a new sort of blender? 

@GinBaby @chris_martin @sonya It's good that people don't *need* to know implementation details. It's *important* that people continue to be *able* to know implementation details, should they choose to spend their attention that way. But these two values need not be in tension.

All this old-school Internet energy makes me pine for an LPMud.

That feeling when you see lots of people scrambling to add more code to a rails+nodejs app.

I was on social but immediately left because they are censoring more than I am comfortable with. The *real* cool kids are on which is among the handful of instances with an anti-censorship policy. Sure, we'll have some trolls, but I prefer that to being in a bubble based on what the admins feel is appropriate and permissible thoughts/speech.

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