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on a different note (though it is a weird platform to enquire), what is known about job prospects of people squeezed out of academia? primary focus is on pure mathematicians but it is interesting to hear stories applying to varied backgrounds.

is one doomed to slavery in financial industry? how willing are employers to accommodate that one has to learn certain things from scratch? Can one find true happiness?

Today's world record on the Betti numbers of Calabi-Yau three-folds.

We study the class of compact complex manifolds whose
first Chern class vanishes in the Bott-Chern cohomology. This class
includes all manifolds with torsion canonical bundle, but it is strictly
larger. After making some elementary remarks, we show that a manifold
in Fujiki’s class C with vanishing first Bott-Chern class has torsion
canonical bundle. We also give some examples of non-K¨ahler CalabiYau
manifolds, and discuss the problem of defining and constructing
canonical metrics on them.

мы её конечно попросим проверить свою привилегию немношк :wink:

холли кригер, няшная


The main advice I would give, because this career path is so drawn out in some ways, to get through the undergrad and maybe a Master's and a PhD and all that kind of thing and then post-doc and so on, is that if you want to get through it, all you have to do is not quit.

haven't spoken mathematical French so much in a while

impressive how much she managed to fit into 15min

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I remember tons of anxiety my officemate E went through during his PhD time and how he heroically managed it by systematically sitting down and getting down to doing some routine tasks. So reading papers that have to be read kind of plays the same role for me.

if you have a degenerating family of hyper-Kahler manifolds, and the
central fibre is birational to a smooth hyper-Kahler manifold, then
other fibres can be deformed into it.


ok, on with the digest of interesting things on arXiv today

dynamic manin-mumford for monomial maps on toric varieties, and more
(afaiu, slight improvement over the torus case, which is known)


yet another arcane paper on application of tropical geomtetry to
phylogenetic trees

"Main Theorem. The phylogenetic complexity of the Kimura 3-parameter
model \varphi(Z_2 \times Z_2) equals four."



first, in my memory, instance of doing arithmetic geometry over PAC fields. wow


regarding the boosted toot. All fair enough. Too bad that hammer and sickle is now firmly associated with Stalinism: the symbol was effectively stolen. On the other hand, ironically, it is good that stalinists and authoritarian left have grown to be attached to some symbols in an almost religious fashion, so that they can be trivially identified.

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When I see a swastika or something like a totenkopf, my initial thoughts are of those from one side of my family who I've been told died because of the people that used these symbols. So I'm rather hostile towards them.

Some from that side of my genealogy were imprisoned and/or starved by people who used different symbols. So I'm rather hostile to that imagery too.

I see it around so much, and I wonder why it's acceptable. I equate the hammer & sickle with death, like the swastika.

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Facts : Nobody is using capitalism.party

My analysis : Capitalism is a failure

Thanks for reading.

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