"The succ function takes anything that has a defined successor and returns that successor, e.g. "succ 8" returns 9"

Translation, succ makes things bigger.

fucking haskell man

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@netkitteh How do you like Haskell? What other language would you compare it to?

@keezee I dont think I can compare it to anything else Ive used, I am used to imperative langs like C and Go, and OO langs like Java and C#. Ive honestly never tried anything like haskell

@netkitteh Word, It seems to be gaining more and more popularity as of late. I'm trying to get a solid grasp on Javascript currently. Haskell is a bit out of my skillset currently haha

@keezee lol. I chose to learn haskell because I have a better understanding of math then actual programming. I heard haskell was great for mathematicians.

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