Why is there a redirect on your profile?

The redirect is there to point people to my main account. I haven't actually "moved", though. All the data on this account stays here, and in case I need to use this account, I can easily cancel the redirect, and I can use this account.
I am also not very active on this account, so the redirect helps point users to my main account.

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Guess what?! We've just surpassed a quarter of a million images in our Flickr! That's more than 250,000 nature imagesโ€”free to download and reuse. Explore the collection today


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We now live in 1984, & it's even worse than Orwell imagined.

Parler, a simple free speech platform has been snuffed out in 24 hours not by government, but by big tech that wields more power than even them.

They have silenced a sitting president & destroyed a competitor in 48 hours & are above the law as the United States gov sits by and claps like seals for them.

Free speech is dead, censorship is now fully applauded by the most powerful nation on earth, & it makes me sick to stomach.

We overshare information; information that can be used by commercial companies, by political parties and by governments. Carissa Vรฉliz is a philosopher at Oxford University and author of Privacy is Power. She argues that the harvesting of data is undermining liberal democracy.


blog posts without a date should be illegal

Common cell type nomenclature for the mammalian brain

The advancement of single-cell RNA-sequencing technologies has led to an explosion of cell type definitions across multiple organs and organisms. Resulting in widely varying nomenclature and limited alignment between taxonomies.

To facilitate cross-dataset comparison, the Allen Institute created the common #cell type #nomenclature (CCN).

๐Ÿ“„ elifesciences.org/articles/599

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Hello there! This is my alternative account; my main account is @nar. I might move to this instance, but my current instance is fine as well. Don't expect, many, if not any, toots from this account.


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