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I wonder why all modern decentralized social media that are actually being used by more than 10 people are using activitypub.

I mean there have been a lot of other possibilities, diaspora, nntpchan ...

Why is every software deemed "popular" bloated, over-complicated to install and with confusing doc ?

I still don't understand nodejs and docker magic

This instance is so laggy, I really should reinstall a pleroma instance before it is bork

Moi en temps normal: économie + marxisme.

Moi en congé: That's a nice free software you have there.

I only use software that can be taken responsible for thermonuclear wars.

Sorry not sorry

everyone liking my toot about me sucking at programming triggers me

(In my favour, I'm not used to rust syntax and I struggled will doing this to understand some basic concept of rust, i'm more a R and python guy)

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I suck so hard at programming that's almost art.

It took me half the day to do this shitty thing.

Material conditions don't care about your ideas.

*tip marxist fedora*

The whole idea of wokeness is really some individualistic shit.

Reality does not care about the number of people thinking they are deconstructed or right politically speaking; only actions and militancy to try to convince the population, organize them and agitate them works.

Vraiment un bon article dans le dernier lava, le titre est neuneu mais l'analyse est très bonne.

"Le capitalisme et la pandémie: l’heure des comptes a sonné"

hey rust people, how would you index through an integer?

being stuck by simple maths problems because the programming language is new to me and low level

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