Real koolkids plays dwarf fortress on termux on their android phone.
Just DDOS'ing myself by importing 1000 follow in one batch

@marsxyz hopefully It'll be the last time I need to do a new instance (definitely no, I'm too bad at self hosting)

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So I've made a new account, I'll move there, feel free to follow me there @marsxyz

Has Riot/matrix got actually better in being a discord replacement?

sissy hypno porn, cishet bullshit 

@FuchsiaShock That's actually really funny.

@vanecx Usually the answer is "because we don't like insta ethically" or "because insta kicked us out", as it works with other fedi softwares. I mean mastodon is basically twitter without the people, but people came due to some exode from twitter. I hope this kind of thing will happen to pixelfed at some point.

@Moon I mean the fact that enlightened centrists at Reddit ban mainly far right and leftist subreddit is kinda logical.

Maybe Chapo Trap house never tried to stop "targeted harassment", but we all know how rules on corporate social media does not apply the same for everyone.

stories seems to /work/ under pixelfed, actually kool

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