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Marsxyz πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ @marsxyz

them: there is no more knights in XXIst century.


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@marsxyz it's pony sized but that's icelandic tack. they're small and hairy and hardy. very cute either way though.

@marsxyz He has a katana though, pretty sure that makes him a samurai.

(Some fans gave it to him after a rather silly xkcd strip.)

@marsxyz This is so cool, it made our day.

You even got the tractor in the background.

@marsxyz Good luck winning jousts with a IBM thinkpad.

@marsxyz does it use HTPCP (HyperText Poney Control Protocol)?

"dang, the horse stalled!"
*sudo restart /usr/bin/horse *

@marsxyz Exercising the right to read on an icelandic pony :)

@marsxyz i blame the artificial light and the death of honor