"Qu'est-ce qui a changĂ© depuis l'arrivĂ©e de l'extrĂȘme droite au pouvoir en Autriche?"

"les députés autrichiens ont adopté en juillet une loi rallongeant la durée maximale du travail à 12 heures par jour [...] cette mesure est nécessaire afin de rendre les entreprises plus compétitives. "


@marsxyz Is that not in breach of the EU working time directive?

@wim_v12e could yiu give me a link to this directive ? I'm very interested.

@marsxyz Here you are:

The key bit is this:

"Maximum weekly working time

Member States shall take the measures necessary to ensure that, [...]:

(a) the period of weekly working time is limited by means of laws, regulations or administrative provisions or by collective agreements or agreements between the two sides of industry;

(b) the average working time for each seven-day period, including overtime, does not exceed 48 hours."

@wim_v12e tbh it seems to be one of those few good directive. Here Austria has raised working hours, and the directive doesn't say to do that.

@marsxyz It is up to each country to implement the legislation for a directive. But if they are in breach it is possible for the EU to fine them.
In the case of this specific directive, I know the UK has an opt-out so maybe Austria will try to negotiate an opt-out as well.
In any case, the UK case shows that longer working hours do not help the economy. :/

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