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"« Sophia Chikirou avait demandé que les socios contre la pub soient isolés », raconte un autre salarié. Un texto sur une messagerie interne du Média, dont Mediapart a pu prendre connaissance, valide cette affirmation. Sophia Chikirou [...]:" je préfère perdre mille socios que renoncer à développer le projet d’un groupe autonome économiquement. Si les gauchistes veulent du purisme, qu’ils aillent voir ailleurs. [...] On en profite pour isoler les éléments bordéliques. »"

AHAH. 🤣😂 👌👌👌👌

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Real koolkids plays dwarf fortress on termux on their android phone.
Just DDOS'ing myself by importing 1000 follow in one batch hopefully It'll be the last time I need to do a new instance (definitely no, I'm too bad at self hosting)

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So I've made a new account, I'll move there, feel free to follow me there

Has Riot/matrix got actually better in being a discord replacement?

stories seems to /work/ under pixelfed, actually kool

Really sad pixelfed did not get a big wave of insta refugees to actually have a community like mastodon, pleroma or idk does.

The software seems ok on user part, there is just no content.

is there actually any interesting pixelfed account ? Educate me fedi

so happy the steem / steemit ecosystem made all the "decentralized crypto currency social media investor" crowd not post on fedi

Also the fact that one of the most "pro-chinese" (in the sense anti-war with China, not really apologetic) subreddit was Chapo Trap House and it was banned even if it was really active and probably the biggest leftist forum online, should make conservative stop thinking reddit IS ACTUALLY CONTROLLED BY CCP ! But apparently not.

Reddit banning r/The_Donald wasn't actually a harsh measure or idk what, it has moved since january to .

can't wait to chapotraphouse lemmy instance to release, to see if this shit actually stick

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