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William Casarin @jb55@maly.io

Debunking the "gimbal" NYTimes UFO video youtube.com/watch?v=Y2-4rL20ju also implies the intelligence agencies are running a disinformation campaign through Tom DeLonge's "ToTheStarsAcademy" venture.

>Ever wonder why your phone needs 30 to 60 seconds to boot?


My calculator has a CPU which is literally 4,000 times worse than my phone's CPU and it boots to an interactive graphical user session on a fully preemptive multitasking Unix system before you can even take your finger off of the "ON" button

Maybe I'll start with a bare bones aosp and see if I can get that working...

I just want to use an old phone as a fast RPI with a nice screen.

Think of the perf you could get if you removed all the java and Linux crap.

I kind of want to create a phone OS templeos style. Can it be done without direction from a divine creator?

How to receive a HTTP/2 server push with libcurl, in less than 200 lines of code? Check out curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/http2-p

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I just sent in a bug report for 'less'. Apparently the same guy has been maintaining it since 1985.

I like the featured fdroid app section: drink water reminder, app blocker to stop procrastination, meditation helper

tbh I didn't look into it further because I saw ERC20 token on the landing page and promptly left.

minds claims to be a decentralized social media platform but they don't recommend running a server because it's too demanding for most people. Come on people, decentralization 101: make it easy to run a node.

bcachefs: an advanced new filesystem for Linux bcachefs.org/

the bar at the top is cmdtree, a trie launcher that I put together: github.com/jb55/cmdtree

This is fun: my themeswitch script now changes my emacs theme as well: jb55.com/s/b8bfdf1c977cb0db.mp

I should switch to a wireguard vpn...