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William Casarin @jb55@maly.io

Debunking the "gimbal" NYTimes UFO video youtube.com/watch?v=Y2-4rL20ju also implies the intelligence agencies are running a disinformation campaign through Tom DeLonge's "ToTheStarsAcademy" venture.

>Ever wonder why your phone needs 30 to 60 seconds to boot?


My calculator has a CPU which is literally 4,000 times worse than my phone's CPU and it boots to an interactive graphical user session on a fully preemptive multitasking Unix system before you can even take your finger off of the "ON" button

Maybe I'll start with a bare bones aosp and see if I can get that working...

I just want to use an old phone as a fast RPI with a nice screen.

Think of the perf you could get if you removed all the java and Linux crap.

I kind of want to create a phone OS templeos style. Can it be done without direction from a divine creator?

How to receive a HTTP/2 server push with libcurl, in less than 200 lines of code? Check out curl.haxx.se/libcurl/c/http2-p

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I just sent in a bug report for 'less'. Apparently the same guy has been maintaining it since 1985.

I like the featured fdroid app section: drink water reminder, app blocker to stop procrastination, meditation helper

tbh I didn't look into it further because I saw ERC20 token on the landing page and promptly left.

minds claims to be a decentralized social media platform but they don't recommend running a server because it's too demanding for most people. Come on people, decentralization 101: make it easy to run a node.

bcachefs: an advanced new filesystem for Linux bcachefs.org/

the bar at the top is cmdtree, a trie launcher that I put together: github.com/jb55/cmdtree

This is fun: my themeswitch script now changes my emacs theme as well: jb55.com/s/b8bfdf1c977cb0db.mp

I should switch to a wireguard vpn...

It seems like a lot of Mastodon requests/expectations are based on a flawed understanding of federation and the idea that a post exists as a shared object in a common database, so you can apply other states to it after publication.

It is not like that at all.

Federation is like email, right, and you can send email to different servers? Well, posts are like emails then. Or faxes. You aren't sharing the same object, you're sending a copy. You can't decide to "make it private" after it's sent.