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I'm definitely getting an AMD card as my next GPU. Which sucks because I really wanted to play with RTX. Not sure having a giant binary blob in my linux kernel is worth it though.

I had to go back to chromium+vimium from qutebrowser. It's much snappier, uses less memory, works with nouveau.

@sir so after doing a bunch more research I guess the main issue is that so much of the graphics driver stack is in userspace (mesa, libdrm), so you're kind of forced to dynamically link everything. I guess you can't really do what I was thinking.

perhaps kms-drm-egl-gbm game-console-like project would still be interesting nonetheless. At the very least I'm interested in how much perf is improved if any.

I blocked twitter to improve productivity and now I'm here, fml.

@sir I'm starting from goals and exploring possibilities. The goals are: a devkit where devs can ship a binary that can be expected to work with only wires into low level, stable kernel interfaces, without dynamic linking into any specific windowing system, no SDL2 needed. the binary really only needs to queue vulkan/opengl commands through dri/drm (if I'm reading this right, EGL has something to do with this?).

Still new to this, not sure if I'm coming at this in the right direction.

@sir hmm perhaps, but I wasn't looking to do anything fancy like dashboards. my goal is making it really easy for devs to target: simple, stable, high performance apis for portability across all distros, avoiding some of the dynamic linking and packaging issues that plague linux gaming.

Not sure if that's possible but I'm exploring possibilities here.

@sir would wlroots be useful to me if I'm looking to build a KMS+DRM+EGL environment for gaming, but not necessarily wayland related? I was looking to try out a game console-like design without relying on any specific windowing abstraction.

Built a deep learning machine for a friend. Now wishing I had the money to build an identical one for myself.

The unique thing about this one is that he only uses foss so cuda was out so I ended up doing an all amd build.

I have to say this vega56 is not too shabby for $300 and installing everything was much less frustrating than using nvidia.

@cosmicboy just watches for emails and triggers muchsync when something arrives. it needs a coordination/locking script though. I don't have a friendly off-the-shelf solution yet.

@koenaro it's WAY too fuckin complicated, the ABI constantly breaks, it doesn't play nicely with others, among other things

I don't like Rust. Please stop asking my why sway isn't written in it and acting like it's the most obvious thing in the world that it should be

terminal software is lindy: grep, curl, sed, the list goes on... Only gui examples I can think of is excel and word?

Achieving anything in life nowadays is 5% talent, 5% hard work and 90% not being distracted by the Internet.

#PostmarketOS is a new #GNU/Linux distribution that aims to provide a long term OS for mobile devices:

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