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William Casarin @jb55@maly.io

Mostly working now. Used my cal for the first time today. One thing I implemented that I think I like is that you're not bound to making timeblocks on arbitrary 15-30 minute boundaries. 5 minutes boundaries have less wasted time.

Added edit mode to viscal, a timeblocking calendar I'm working on. Can edit timeblocks now.

xonsh is pretty cool. it's like if bash and python had a child.

how much am I going to regret this

that's not what I had in mind emacs

I'm liking the new reddit redesign

vim-like timeblocking calendar Show more

viscal: vimlike timeblocking calendar ideas Show more

viscal: vimlike timeblocking calendar ideas Show more

new viscal feature for timeblocking: show progress in the current time block.

so it looks like desktop calendar apps suck on linux so I started working on one.

I mainly use calendars for timeblocking so this day view is all I have so far.

The only thing I achieved today was using emojis for my app container labels maly.io/media/IoSMkJ8ymDhot6Yu