is a small free speech instance for people who don't care for the authoritarian nonsense. I would host my own but masto is a horrible software stack that I wouldn't dare put near any of my servers.

I would finish my activitypub rust server but the spec is a nightmare. sigh. back to twtxt...

@jb55 Harassment won't be tolerated on any way here. That's it.

I'm pretty sure the person you were mentioning is aware of the cause of theses reviews, and I can't seem a motive for your comment besides just being agressive.

@ferh nah my comment was fine, you're just being a dick. I'm done with this place. bye

@jb55 It's you who are just being a dick. Have fun somewhere else, bye.

Wow that escalated really quickly.. It almost reads like you guys are joking..

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