If you worked at Google, and you had a chance to sneak into Chrome code a check that would:
- block everyone from using Discord in Chrome (or even would break Discord in a sneaky way),
- be hard to find in the code, and
- be impossible to trace back to you
would you do that?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No

Looks like 40% voted "yes", 60% "no".

I wonder how many of those people who voted "no" actually don't hate Discord at all. I guess I should've split that to "No, Discord is fine" and "No, even though I hate Discord".

Anyway, my answer to the poll would be "No."

Even though I think Discord is a disease. And even though having everyone blame Chrome for killing Discord would be fun and could maybe decrease its dominance.

I wouldn't do it, because I believe software should always obey the user. And I believe adding something to Chrome that would make it disobey the user even when the user explicitly tells it to open Discord would be wrong.

"Chrome, open Discord"
"I'm sorry, Dave, I can't let you do that"

is not something I think shouldn't happen to anyone.

@Wolf480pl luckily bitlbee saves the day here yet again. Makes discord servers work like normal IRC servers in weechat. No horrible bloaty apps needed.

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