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pandoc has HALF A GIGABYTE of dependencies. Choose better doc generators, dammit

William Casarin @jb55

@sir true, for end user software. It's insanely good at specific things, like building parsers (parsec), but yeah the bloat is to much to swallow for most situations.

@sir @jb55 yes that's also something you can make parsers with.

@sir @jb55 I don't think you can compare Haskell with yacc. The people at GitHub working on semantic explained why they use Haskell[1], and I doubt that they'd be better off with yacc+C.

Also, pandoc is a beast with support for almost every widely used document path. This is less a problem with Haskell, and more a problem with using a less featureful doc generator like haddock, which is actually the standard tool used for GHC and supported by Hoogle. Actually, pandoc isn't even a documentation generator but rather a document converter, so I'd imagine that haddock is still used to generate the docs and then pandoc to produce PDFs or something, in which case it *should* be an optional dependency.

[1] github.com/github/semantic/blo