nm , this instance is shit too. You can find me on @jb55@bitcoinhackers.org for now until I find somewhere else

maly.io is a small free speech instance for people who don't care for the authoritarian nonsense. I would host my own but masto is a horrible software stack that I wouldn't dare put near any of my servers.

I would finish my activitypub rust server but the spec is a nightmare. sigh. back to twtxt...

lol at devs hardcoding censorship into their masto apps. good luck with that.

telnet mapscii.me # For maps in your terminal from OpenStreetMap. Use arrow keys to move around and a/z to zoom in/out. Or use your mouse if your terminal supports that.

> build a decentralized commune for all the comrades

> nazis: cool project guys mind if we use this we're getting deplatformed everywhere else.

> commies: wait no.

~mcf has annotated his C compiler on SourceHut, which is an interesting codebase to click through:


Rewriting a document rendering Makefile with Nix, and I'm again struck by how good it is. Need Pandoc and TexLive? Specific fonts? Post-processing tools? Spell checkers? You got it. It's all there, unified in Nix with an actual programming language.

bitlbee is amazing. I now have skype (work fml) and discord integrated into my weechat. looking into slack now. no longer need to run bloaty electron apps.

Just did my first in-person trade where I signed a Bitcoin tx at home and sent it to my phone. I then connected to my full node over zerotier, my full node is connected to the network via Tor.

I was able to use @samourai_official to broadcast the transaction to my full node during the trade, worked flawlessly. Bonus that my full node watches my trezor accounts, and sends me an encrypted email on wallet activity, so I could see that it worked right away.

That was cool.

twitter locked my account for no reason. why do I go there again?

nouveau locking up when coming out of sleep. fun.

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I'm definitely getting an AMD card as my next GPU. Which sucks because I really wanted to play with RTX. Not sure having a giant binary blob in my linux kernel is worth it though.

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I had to go back to chromium+vimium from qutebrowser. It's much snappier, uses less memory, works with nouveau.

I blocked twitter to improve productivity and now I'm here, fml.

@sir would wlroots be useful to me if I'm looking to build a KMS+DRM+EGL environment for gaming, but not necessarily wayland related? I was looking to try out a game console-like design without relying on any specific windowing abstraction.

Built a deep learning machine for a friend. Now wishing I had the money to build an identical one for myself.

The unique thing about this one is that he only uses foss so cuda was out so I ended up doing an all amd build.

I have to say this vega56 is not too shabby for $300 and installing everything was much less frustrating than using nvidia.

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