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Ugh, I loathe most types of cleaning but there's something very satisfying about stinking of bleach after attacking the mold in the bathroom. Smells like... victory :)

Only problem is now my eyes hurt and I can't breathe. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

galooph @galooph

@urioxis I can happily use all kinds of strong industrial solvents without any problems, but I can't stand bleach!

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@galooph heh, it's hardly a nice smell is it? Still not the worst chemical I've spent any significant time around though. That honour has to go to D2. Great for cleaning, makes my skin dry, flaky and peely :S. Reason number 324 why I don't miss working in a pub.

@urioxis I had to look up D2, it looks nasty just from the MSDS info! Fortunately, I've never had to work in a pub. Just the thought of all that social interaction gives me the shivers :grinning:

@galooph yeah... I knew all the places I could get onto the roof from for an emergency smoke where no one would see, that's for sure :P

Gave me some good stories though.