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Best email subject line of the day – "How acetylene can help your business" 🔥

1930 hours BST and it's still light outside ☀️

A busy Saturday morning. Removed, repaired and rehung a bifold door, then planed the bottom of another door. The joys of having new carpet 🚪 ✈️

@mig5 Many happy returns! Hope you have an uninterrupted evening! 🎂 🍷

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If you haven’t switched to duckduckgo yet what convinced me was when @amsomniac showed me the !bangcodes

Basically if you start a ddg search with something like !ebay or !wiktionary it searches that site directly after being anonymized through ddg’s server. So rather than have different search engines in my browser I select it’s just !w for Wikipedia or !translate for google translate

You can even do !g and do an anonymous untracked google search

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Our trusty stead, out in the desert. We travelled 4768km on this trip and she never missed a beat.

Also successfully didn't hit any roos, emus or echidnas, and avoided all the galahs too.

#Photography #Travel #Astrophotography

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Quand ta mise en prod se passe mieux que prévu

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@SexyCyborg Your RC forklift looks like great fun! I had one of these when I was a kid -

Time to renew the lease on my workshop. Only gone up by £600/year – Joy :rolling_eyes:

and by relax, I mean figuring out what to order to sort out some wiring in the truck :smirk:

Drupal 8 updating done, time to relax \o/

Only one more day at work before the long Easter weekend :relieved:

A fun afternoon with Drupal solr hooks. Finally prevailed, I think.

If Dean Kamen was on here, I could... Show more

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Of course, I don't only shoot birds, landscapes and weddings, I also have a penchant for shooting explosions.

This one was at the Emu Gully Air & Land Spectacular. The tank was a Matilda class tank. WWII Re-enactor in the foreground for scale (and because he was a mad bastard).

Come on, users – help @KindlyFire cover the infrastructure costs. Only 9 out of 136 users chipping in, so far, and we're at 64% of the target.

Spent a good bit of time outdoors in the sunshine today, changing the glowplugs on my 1KZ-TE 3rd Gen Hilux Surf. Also got round to patching a concrete edging slab that had blown over Winter.