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> People often don't realize how important it was to OSS that it was preceded by decades of easy access to programming tools and resources meant for absolute beginners.

> OSS needs FPGAs, and FPGAs need what programming had back in the 1980s: an on-ramp.

Man this looks really cool. Am excite.

@quad @lambadalambda transparency is what I want the most from instances that use blacklists and whatnot, they're basically deceiving their users if they pretend to represent the federation while only showing 50% of its posts

Troy Hunt's little narrative tracking down a scam VPN provider has some interesting bits to it.

I like the bit where their street address is conterminous with a Pho joint.

It's not fancy, but for now, if it becomes the norm, its absence can then serve as a signal that you've moved. Link to where in your bio, and then followers know where to go look for you. Would be neat to just scan down my Follows list and see who I'm missing by the lack of checkmarks.

In the future I hope we can make lists follow users around (This will take a lot of work to architect right within the federation model, but the federation model is worth the work.)

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I am originating a new usage of the ✅. I hope it catches on, because in a sense it's mostly used this way now.

As portability is currently quite limited, the checkmark now indicates that I am actively using that instance, and that my other nonchecked instance identities are hibernating.

So the privacy policy is ok, but if I were the maintainer I'd avoid recording any IP addresses. One thing to consider is that when you're a meganode both state and non-state organisations will become interested in your logs and will try to obtain them either explicitly, with goons showing up and making threats, or also less explicitly with implants and exfiltration or NSLs and gagging orders. If you don't record IPs then in the worst case there's not much that third parties can get.

Another factor to consider is that the demographic of fediverse folks probably includes a higher proportion of non-normative views and lifestyles than you might find in the silos. These non-normative people are precisely the groups which the really bad guys always seek to target. So as maintainer you should be concerned with your user's interests and practice metadata minimization which can limit any potential damage.

Oh, incidentally, friend working at Tencent says Mastodon came up in a meeting yesterday. I don't see how they could integrate the UI with WeChat but QQ is getting really dated and might be able to use a refresh?

@Sargoth which alts are you planning to use, there's... four of you lol

Followlist import does not appear to be working, lol. Maly isn't backlogged so it must be something else. Blehhhh

@KindlyFire one more Q for you tonight -- what's the technical reason people from Mastodon|social, when I click their profiles, I don't see their post history or follows/followers? (except, seemingly, maybe I see things that happened after I followed them or something?)

MASTODON UI: "What is on your mind?"
ME: "How did @dril get here so fast"

Android client status: 11t seems to be completely brokedick, and Mastodroid and Tusky both dislike lol not sure why, cc @KindlyFire

wondering if Salesforce is about to buy Twitter...

@sonya Ohh interesting- okay so lets see if I'm NSFW, might as well test the system😉

the Fediverse is incredibly addictive to me right now, much more than Twitter

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