@cr1901 I played with a couple avatars and idk which version you saw. But probably :)

So yeah, finishing the topic of What To Call It: darksocial.party/users/rustyk5

@rustyk5 's suggestion of The Social Web is a million times better than Fediverse, OStatus network etc, and a billion times better than anything with "GNU" in it

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Oh Remember, if you server hop you refresh your connection for a new mastodon instance:


@parataxis lol. Had Msoc open bc at the moment, maly.io's got some issue where threads don't pull in right, seems some other instances are having similar issues @five

@parataxis or we should standardize a way. Either way it's something that'll have to be dealt with as things progress. In other news I just posted from the wrong instance, lol. @five

@maradydd So a Sapir, a Whorf, a Milgram and an Orwell walk into a bar where the only way to communicate is in short ideologically-aligned grunts...

I'm just happy nobody seems to be discussing the news now

@plsburydoughboy They either broke entirely or dramatically altered all of those. It's fucking garbage. It's being redesigned as a broadcast platform for bluechecks, and for normals to yell at bluechecks. Conversations are dead.

@plsburydoughboy This was the last straw for me. The UI isn't the issue, though it's also dumb -- too many taps to do anything. Making handles take up no characters is fine. But the way they did it broke dot-replies, inline QT threading, reply-QTs, and reply directivity*, plus self-reply visibility is now ambiguous. Probably more I'm forgetting.

*convention, goes like this:
@[replying-to] replytext w/ @[mention] in it if need be, and @[watchers] & earlier @[participants] at end

@plsburydoughboy I was doing the pushing to my birdsitefriends, after I looked around and it seemed to have significant potential. This was Thursday.

Twitter used to make me happy (hung out in STEM / AI / econ / fin / VC / startup circles, always learning new shit) but after the primaries everything became politics and it hasn't let up since. Then... yes, Twitter broke all the emergent reply behaviors we've used for years with their new update

@mala @anildash @sarahjeong
"how do I solve Identity on the web?"
"I know, lets use Public Key cryptography"
"Now you have a Directed Acyclic Graph of problems"

@reconbot Definitely. Moving in and out of connectivity, all sorts of stuff. It's early days. In a couple years we'll be at OStatus 2.0 and there'll be unofficial working groups :grin: @KindlyFire @ceejbot

@ummjackson@mastodon.social @jef @reconbot @ceejbot right so this is the end of the thread for me -- even though I've now replied! but to a post not in the thread. (Got to it by the external thread display, copy, paste, search.) Even though I've done this the rest of the thread still isn't displaying. maly.io/media/g7jo4kprDnYOzxXK cc @KindlyFire, we need to find out if this is a universal Mastadon bug or a config thing, and how widespread

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